A Mother's Love for Her Boys
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Blond Angel
by Bridget Somerville

From the very beginning
you put up the good fight.
Together we overcame,
our baby arrived Wednesday night

Our blond little angel
our healthy, beautiful boy
Family and friends alike
you filled many with joy

That’s why many come now
from far and from wide
The thought of losing our Cooper
brought loved ones to your side

There were those that thought
you couldn’t hold on,
but we prayed and I told them
“You don’t know my son!”

And hold on you did
night after night
Once more in your short life
you put up the good fight

Your smile and giggles
I miss so much now
I know that you want to,
but can’t yet figure how

I see it in your eyes
and my heart tells me too
Soon, my Blond Angel
you’ll say “Mama, I love you!”

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My Shining Star
by Bridget Somerville

Sometimes you amaze me
With all that you strive to be
There's something deep inside you
that isn't hard to see

Your honest, caring ways
Working hard to make those terrific plays
I hope you know how proud I am
though I can't always be part of your days

Your brother needs me now
as he struggles to find out how
How to run and play and talk away
which his body won't yet allow

I know you need me too
just like I need to be with you
I might miss some, but I'll always see
the wonderful things you do

You keep me going and fighting
to help your brother keep striving
to be the best, to be like you
Because of you, your brother's thriving

You're such a beautiful boy!
You fill my heart with love and joy!
My first born son has taught me things
I never knew how much I'd enjoy!

Our family has a goal
To be healthy, happy, and whole
I watch you and pray we will be that way
To have your happiness and loving soul

Cody, you are everything to me,
everything I'd ever want my son to be
You are a guiding light so bright
your brother can't help but see!

Thank you for your heart
and for working hard to be so smart!
You make me proud and keep me strong
We'll never be far apart!

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